Kubernetes services

Dosec provides the following kubernetes services, including technical support and consulting, kubernetes security and kubernetes professional training including CKA。

Why choose Dosec

Dosec is the earliest technology innovation enterprise engaged in cloud native security in China. It is also the cloud native security manufacturer selected in Gartner cnapp innovation insight report, the first drafting unit of container security industry standard, harbor's first domestic security manufacturer partner and the first domestic cloud native security manufacturer added to CNCF. In 2019, it released the first domestic container security product - "mirror world". The first batch passed the "trusted cloud" certification, which has attracted the attention of many enterprise customers. It has gained a large number of successful cases in operators, pan finance, Internet, energy and other industries, and has become a leader in China's cloud native security market. Xiaoyou technology has a large number of k8s expert lecturers certified by CKA to provide kubernetes full life cycle service solutions to help you cope with difficult business challenges.


About CKA

CKA certification, the full name of certified kubernetes administrator, is a global standardized kubernetes Administrator certification formulated by the project management community cloud native Computing Foundation (CNCF) to comply with the trend of the rapid development of the project in the world and promote the talent development of kubernetes. The certification test uses the original version of kubernetes, covering the core contents such as the principle, framework, deployment, use and troubleshooting of kubernetes

CKA value

CKA certification provides a standard answer to the question "how to learn kubernetes" for Engineers (especially beginners). CKA certification is also the kubernetes skill certificate recognized by kubernetes manufacturers all over the world. For technical teams, CKA certification can be used as an inspection standard for the technical ability of team members and a powerful proof of the management ability of the whole team on kubernetes cloud platform. At the same time, not less than 3 CKA certified engineers are also necessary for the team to become a kubernetes certified service provider (kscp)